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21st March 2013 - Intuit Pay (& Review)

Ds Websites now accepts card payments! Yes agreed - not a massive update, or an exciting one at that! But I did get a cool new gadget in the post today courtesy of Intuit Pay.

I'd never heard of Intuit Pay until I stumbled across them the other day, I think on a facebook advert but they were offering exactly the same deal on Mobile Payment Processing as iZettle (the company who I was signed up with already) but were offering a launch offer of the Bluetooth Chip & Pin reader for FREE rather than £99 (currently being sold at £49, which is the same as iZettle).

I signed up straight away! There is no contract, and no minimums, just a flat 2.75% fee per transaction regardless of card type and amount. (There are daily/montly restrictions but these are in the £10k range so sadly I wont be touching those any time soon)

Although this may sound a little steep when a usual debit card processing fee is no more than 20p, but if you do not have a massive throughput this will save you a lot of money. I did a quick comparison with a standard merchant & machine set up we use in the office. We get a £17.99 a month fee for machine rental, and a minimum processing charge of £15 (for transaction fees) - so working out at £32.99 a month. You'd have to be doing over £1200 of montly transactions before it would be better to get a standalone merchant account.

You need an iPhone/iPad or smartphone for it to work, and the required app is free to download from the App Store. Takes about 2 minutes to set up and your away! As easy as that. The app has a nice feel to it, and you can add your own specific items catagorised to make finding things easier. Email receipts are sent to your customers automatically and also a history is accessable on the device.
(You'll also need a data connection, 3/4G or WiFi as it uses the internet to authorise transactions)

There is also a MOTO (customer not present) facility online via thier website with all the same functionality as your account, just the options to take card details down from customers.

Its all in all a nice little bit of kit, well built with a heavy feel to it. Comes in a beautiful box (hense the images) wrapped nicely. The buttons are solid with a nice confirming press to them. What was supprising is that it has an internal rechargeable battery which is charged by the supplied USB cable! Nice. They also send you 'Card Accepted' point of sale which is a nice touch and not something we recieved on our £32 a month setup.
Its about 3/4cm bigger than a credit card all round, and about 1.2cm thick and about the same weight as my iPhone 5. The chip and pin slot is up its bottom, mimicking machines you see all over the place. There is also a magnetic strip reader along the top if that option is needed. It has a sunken power button on its left hand side giving you the option to turn it off to save battery power (It also has an auto off). Its nice and compact, and you probably wouldn't notice it too much in your pocket if you carried it around with you, and certainly wouldn't if you carried it in a bag.

The screen is a double row, good resolution LCD showing you battery life (and charging status if charging), the date, and bluetooth connection status. I've seen screenshots of mid transaction this changing to show the customer, transaction value and **** when entering their PIN.

I'm yet to make my first transaction on it, so I'll report my results when I have, but I have no doubt it will be seamless.

If you are interested in getting one yourself, you can apply here:

7th July 2012

Wow, its been quite a while since my last update here - and a lot has happened. The main things are that I have had to put a hold on not only taking on new website projects but also now had to put a hold on my studies. As we move into the summer season at work, it is busier than ever adn business in general is busier than ever which is great!

Part of this is a new update for the Nineplus brand page, and all Nineplus e-commerce sites.Ds Websites - Nineplus Updates

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5th January 2012

Gerrys Magic: Just a quick update to plug a good friend's new promo video. Gerry is DC's Street Magician and is... well - bloomin amazing at magic. Check his new promo video out below and like his facebook page.
Gerrys Magic: -


Update: 28th October 2011

Back to college: College has commenced again for the winter so most of my time is now spent study study studying!

New Contact Number: For those who have received an email from me in the past few days, you will have noticed that the 0844 number I was using has been replaced by 01872 888 522. This is my new Ds Websites 'landline' number which is much cheaper to call than the 0844 number. Happy Days! It is however a VoIP number so it may not always be contactable, but there is a voicemail which I can pick up from anywhere. Feel free to leave me a message.


Update: 30th July 2011

1:45am on the 18th July 2011 brought the arrival of my second son Samuel weighing in at 7lb 14oz. Both mum and baby are doing fine.

I have now completed my 2 weeks paternity leave =( which I also took time off from my self employment projects. I have made the desision to completly close down Ds Websites until further notice to concentrate on my family. I will therefore be completing all outstanding projects and taking no further enquiries.